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2017 SEMA Show and the Q50/Q60 AMS Red Alpha Is Finally Live!!!

Toyota brings 600-hp monster-slayer CH-R to SEMA

The star of the Toyota stand at SEMA this year was a lowly crossover SUV. OK, not a stock crossover SUV. This one was a one-off creation that was about as built as built can be. The team stripped the ...

2017 SEMA Show: Extreme Hyundais

Korean automaker's impressive 4-car showcase in Las Vegas.

NASCAR drivers invade SEMA with fleet of custom...Camrys

Cup drivers like custom cars, too. And when you drive a Toyota Camry in NASCAR's headlining Monster Energy Series, part of the job is customizing your own Camry every year for the SEMA show.

Inside the Quad-Turbo, 12.3-Liter, 5007 HP V16

This week, video surfaced of something truly outrageous: A giant 12.3-liter V16 engine, wearing four turbochargers, maxing out an engine dyno at an indicated 4515 horsepower. The video was astonishing, but the skepticism was almost instantaneous: Internet folks couldn't figure out if the feat was a fake, a fluke, or a fantasy.

Why So Many Ford Focus RS Owners Are Freaking Out About Failing Head Gaskets

The Ford Focus RS is a magnificent 350 horsepower all-wheel drive drift machine, so you can imagine how thrilled folks were to be able to actually drop the $35,000 to own one of their own. You can also imagine, then, how upset those same folks were when their engines started failing after only a few thousand miles.

Scalper Is Selling a Mercedes-AMG Project One Reservation for $5.22 Million

The Drive 2 days ago Chris Tsui Considering the level of anticipation that surrounded the unveiling of Mercedes-AMG's Project One hypercar, we'd be lying if we didn't see this coming. Research Mercedes-Benz's latest models on MSN Autos Spotted on German marketplace Mobile is an AMG Project One for sale.

INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Tune with Ecutek Bluetooth Module - AMSPerformance.com

Bluetooth Module NOW AVAILABLE! By precisely adjusting camshaft timing, boost output and air/fuel ratios, your 3.0L twin turbo equipped Q60 and Q50 will produce over 400 wheel horsepower and a pavement shredding 460+ ft/lbs of torque with just the Red Alpha Tune!