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MotorTrend Car of the Year and LA International Auto Show

Car of the Year Award - Best New Cars - Motor Trend

Motor Trend's Car of the Year award, representing the car that best represents exceptional value, superiority in its class, and most significant development on the new-Car scene.

The Aria FXE Is an American-Made 1150-HP Hybrid Supercar

Last year at the L.A. Auto Show, California-based Aria showed a mid-engine concept called the "Fast Eddy." Named after Ed Taylor, former vice president of design at GM and father of one of Aria's co-founders, Charles Taylor. Now, the group is back with a production version, called the FXE, and it looks seriously cool.

Nine Cars We Loved at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

LA had a heap of reveals and North American premieres. Here are the cars we liked the most.

From Dubai to MotorTrend 2018 Car of the Year Finalists

2019 Corvette ZR1 Supercar Reveal | Chevrolet

The Corvette ZR1 has returned, this supercar wields a supercharged V8 engine with 749.9 horsepower.

Kuhl Racing Engraved Nissan GT-R Revealed

The most visually-complex Nissan GT-R ever created was unveiled by Kuhl Racing ahead of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. You'd might be surprised but this isn't Kuhl's first engraved GT-R, as the Japanese tuner already has a chrome variant of the Godzilla in its curriculum.

Porsche Panamera: 2018 Motor Trend Car of the Year Finalist - Motor Trend

We Like: Sports car performance and handling, limousine room, and luxury inside We Don't Like: Tire noise on some surfaces; radar cruise control and keyless entry are optional Porsche's Panamera looks like a four-door sports car. It drives like one, too.

Kia Stinger: 2018 Motor Trend Car of the Year Finalist - Motor Trend

We Like: Stunning design, stirring performance, strong value We Don't Like: Porpoises a bit, noisy over rough roads, interior doesn't match snazzy exterior Kia's Stinger was one of six all-new contenders for COTY this year, and other than the Model 3, it was the most anticipated.

Lexus LC: 2018 Motor Trend Car of the Year Finalist - Motor Trend

We Like: Bold exterior, gorgeous interior, and the car's overall audacity We Don't Like: Bizarre hybrid powertrain strategy, pathetic infotainment system If Car of the Year were awarded solely on the basis of design, the Lexus LC would drive off with this year's Golden Calipers.

2017 SEMA Show and the Q50/Q60 AMS Red Alpha Is Finally Live!!!

Toyota brings 600-hp monster-slayer CH-R to SEMA

The star of the Toyota stand at SEMA this year was a lowly crossover SUV. OK, not a stock crossover SUV. This one was a one-off creation that was about as built as built can be. The team stripped the ...

2017 SEMA Show: Extreme Hyundais

Korean automaker's impressive 4-car showcase in Las Vegas.

NASCAR drivers invade SEMA with fleet of custom...Camrys

Cup drivers like custom cars, too. And when you drive a Toyota Camry in NASCAR's headlining Monster Energy Series, part of the job is customizing your own Camry every year for the SEMA show.

Inside the Quad-Turbo, 12.3-Liter, 5007 HP V16

This week, video surfaced of something truly outrageous: A giant 12.3-liter V16 engine, wearing four turbochargers, maxing out an engine dyno at an indicated 4515 horsepower. The video was astonishing, but the skepticism was almost instantaneous: Internet folks couldn't figure out if the feat was a fake, a fluke, or a fantasy.

Why So Many Ford Focus RS Owners Are Freaking Out About Failing Head Gaskets

The Ford Focus RS is a magnificent 350 horsepower all-wheel drive drift machine, so you can imagine how thrilled folks were to be able to actually drop the $35,000 to own one of their own. You can also imagine, then, how upset those same folks were when their engines started failing after only a few thousand miles.

Scalper Is Selling a Mercedes-AMG Project One Reservation for $5.22 Million

The Drive 2 days ago Chris Tsui Considering the level of anticipation that surrounded the unveiling of Mercedes-AMG's Project One hypercar, we'd be lying if we didn't see this coming. Research Mercedes-Benz's latest models on MSN Autos Spotted on German marketplace Mobile is an AMG Project One for sale.

INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Tune with Ecutek Bluetooth Module - AMSPerformance.com

Bluetooth Module NOW AVAILABLE! By precisely adjusting camshaft timing, boost output and air/fuel ratios, your 3.0L twin turbo equipped Q60 and Q50 will produce over 400 wheel horsepower and a pavement shredding 460+ ft/lbs of torque with just the Red Alpha Tune!

2017 Tokyo Auto Show Uncut Reveal Reactions

Why the Long Hood? Three Questions for the Mazda Kai's Chief Designer - Motor Trend

At the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda revealed the Kai concept-a sleek and sculptural stunner that clearly signals what the next-generation Mazda3 could look like. We spent 30 minutes with Kai concept designer, Yasutake Tsuchida, who is a god amongst Mazda fans for leading the exterior design of the mind-blowing Furai concept back in 2009.

Subaru Viziv Performance concept previews sharp new sedan

We're not sure what sedan it is, but hey, it's better than another SUV.

2017 Tokyo Motor Show News & Photos - Motor Trend

2017 Tokyo Motor Show coverage of concept cars, vehicle debuts, photos, and videos at Motor Trend.

The Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Is A Hybrid 86 With Both An Automatic And A Stick Shift Together

Well this certainly doesn't look boring, this Toyota GR HV Sports Concept thing. It looks damn close to a Toyota 86, just with a different front, rear, interior, a hybrid powertrain and a freaky gearbox. I sort of love it.

Toyota brings 600-hp monster-slayer CH-R to SEMA

The star of the Toyota stand at SEMA this year was a lowly crossover SUV. OK, not a stock crossover SUV. This one was a one-off creation that was about as built as built can be. The team stripped the ...

The VIZIV Concept Gives Us a Look at Subaru's Angular Performance Future

Subaru unveiled a new concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show with the goal of displaying the brand's performance and design future. The VIZIV concept employs a boxer engine, a four-door sedan layout, and of course, a signature Subaru hood scoop. It also has a very angular design that's more dramatic than any Subaru on the road today.

Frankurt International Auto Show Highlights...Is Your Dream Car Right Around the Corner?

Taking a look at the best cars introduced at the 2017 Frankfurt International Autoshow.

Honda Urban EV


Kia Proceed GT Concept



Jaguar ePace


Porsche 911 GT3 Touring



2019 Porsche Cayenne





2018 BMW M5



Audi Elaine and Aicon Concepts


Mercedes Benz Project One